July 12, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Horizon Martial Arts
280 Center Rd West Seneca. NY 14224

TUSK Tomahawk
Resurgent in movies, and now a common breaching tool on the battle field, the tomahawk has become a trendy specialty. We utilize the tomahawk as a tool for teaching multi-plane movement, enhanced disarming and trapping, and reinforcing universal striking lines. The hawk has real-world application for those who travel in the back-country, or who go in harms way. As a tool, it corresponds directly to any number of items at hand in an emergency, from a hammer to a tire iron. In addition it is a natural for anyone exploring stage combat. The WMAA offers the tomahawk as a stand-alone module which dovetails seamlessly with our contemporary defensive tactics (TUSK) module as well as our complete art.

Datu Tim Hartman
is one of the World’s leading authority on Filipino Martial Arts. Has taught through out North & South America, Europe, the Caribbean and the Philippines.