Kids Martial Arts Classes

At Horizon Martial Arts, we strive to instil values in our children. We want them to develop skills they can carry over in their everyday life. Of course, we want our students to have fun, but at the same time we want them to develop the confidence necessary to succeed. Our Kids Karate Program gives your child the opportunity to build self-esteem, develop confidence and improve discipline while at the same time having fun. By enrolling your child in our kids martial arts classes, you will also increase your child’s concentration, coordination and fitness level. These skills are invaluable in helping your child reach other goals in daily life.

Filipino Martial Arts Classes

Created by Grandmaster Remy A. Presas, Modern Arnis is the most recognized of the Filipino martial arts in the world and has been the national martial art and sport of the Philippines since 2009.  Our Modern Arnis program combines empty-hand self-defense (striking, locking, throwing, etc.) as well as the trademark single and double stick techniques of the Filipino martial arts. Aspects of other martial arts also appear in Modern Arnis, including Judo, Shotokan Karate, and Small Circle Jujutsu.  Training includes both single and double stick techniques as well as unarmed defence against both stick and bladed weapons.  Originally, training focused on painful strikes that weren’t popular with those getting hit. One of Professor Presas’s ideas was to focus training strikes on the weapon, or cane. This made training safer and and allowed the art to be taught in the Philippines’ school system.

Cardio Kick Boxing Boot Camps

Our Fitness Kickboxing program is a healthy, heart pumping workout. Energize your mental power, reduce stress and anxiety and best of all, you get to hit stuff!

We welcome all skill levels from beginner to experienced. Our workouts are designed to challenge each participant through a variety of high calorie burning exercises.  We offer a total body workout with exercises that target your core (or abs), as well as the upper and lower body.